Some news related to the research project (2024 & 2023)

June 2024:

May 2024:

  • Delivered a presentation at the Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change’s Conference ‘Globalisation and the Future of Work’, on the ‘Employee Voice and Workplace Democracy’ panel – hosted by the University of Leeds (20 May);
  • Delivered a presentation of overall insights from the Politics of Disablement and Precarious Work research project as a guest of the seminar series organised by the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health, King’s College London (15 May);
  • A paper has been accepted for publication in an academic journal that focuses on care – publication date TBA.

April 2024:

  • Delivered a presentation at the British Sociological Association’s Annual Conference ‘Crisis, Continuity, and Change’ (3-5 April) – on a Medical Sociology Stream panel organised by the Medicine, Health, and Illness Study Group;
  • Delivered a presentation at the Midwest Political Science Association’s 81st Annual Conference (4-7 April) – as part of a session titled ‘Rights and Human Nature’ organised for the Institutions and Theory Section/Subfield.
  • A paper has been accepted for publication in an academic journal that focuses on disability – publication date TBA.

March 2024:

  • Delivered a presentation related to theoretical insights on disablement and capitalism at the Political Studies Association’s Annual Conference ‘After (Neo-)Liberalism’ (25-27 March) – as part of a panel titled ‘New Thinking in the Politics of Identity’ organised by the Race, Migration, and Intersectionality Specialist Group.

February 2024:

  • Delivered a presentation with insights related to participants’ visions for a post-capitalist future at the American Political Science Association’s ‘Challenges in Political Science’ Virtual Research Meeting (8-9 February) – as part of a panel titled ‘Disability Policy in a Comparative Perspective’.

December 2023:

  • Presented and discussed research findings in relation to research participants’ journeys into the gig economy and matters related to reasonable adjustments in the context of precarity, at a Disabled People’s Organisations’ coalition meeting.

November 2023:

September 2023:

July 2023:

June 2023:

April 2023:

  • Call for Abstracts for an event that will take place on the 1st of November, online via the University of Birmingham and supported by the British Sociological Association’s funds.

March 2023:

  • Presentation as part of the University of Brighton’s Interventions in Disability Politics Seminar Series (hosted by CAPPE) – ‘Identity, Work, and The Centrality of Disablement to the Reproduction of Capitalist Social Relations’ [link to the abstract and presentation slides].
  • Great reflections by Shauna Highcroft in relation to the @DisPrecWork report: ‘These findings, although disheartening, are crucial for identifying the issues so they can be resolved. Change was never achieved by dusting hard truths under rugs’ – published in Ciadish Magazine, no.3.

Feb 2023:

Jan 2023:

  • Published an initial brief report with some findings from the doctoral research project here & attended meetings with collectives/individuals to discuss it.
  • Disability News Service published an article about the project here [the title is a summary of the article, not a direct quote].

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Ioana Cerasella Chis