Some news related to the research project (2023)

September 2023:

July 2023:

June 2023:

  • A paper has been accepted for publication in an academic journal – publication date TBA.
  • Attended CPERN’s ECR writing workshop (8th June) in Naples, Italy. My draft paper was discussed by a discussant and various other participants offered comments. The draft was explored alongside eight other papers.
  • Presentation at CPERN’s mid-term Workshop (the Workshop was called ‘The Costs of Capitalism‘) in Naples, Italy, on 10th June – ‘The Centrality of Disablement Subjectivation to the Reproduction of Capitalist Social Relations: Considerations for Critical and Global Political Economy’ [link to the abstract and presentation slides].

April 2023:

  • Call for Abstracts for an event that will take place on the 1st of November at the University of Birmingham [link to the call].

March 2023:

  • Presentation as part of the University of Brighton’s Interventions in Disability Politics Seminar Series (hosted by CAPPE) – ‘Identity, Work, and The Centrality of Disablement to the Reproduction of Capitalist Social Relations’ [link to the abstract and presentation slides].
  • Great reflections by Shauna Highcroft in relation to the @DisPrecWork report: ‘These findings, although disheartening, are crucial for identifying the issues so they can be resolved. Change was never achieved by dusting hard truths under rugs’ – published in Ciadish Magazine, no.3.

Feb 2023:

  • Event funding for Autumn 2023 approved – organised with BSA’s support.
  • Published a blog post on NSUN’s website.
  • Presentation as part of The School of Government’s POLSISTalks Seminar Series (University of Birmingham): ‘Subjects of Disablement: Exploring Identity-Related Divergences in Relation to Disability in the UK’ [link to the abstract and presentation slides].

Jan 2023:

  • Published an initial brief report with some findings from the doctoral research project here & attended meetings with collectives/individuals to discuss it.
  • Disability News Service published an article about the project here [the title is a summary of the article, not a direct quote].

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Ioana Cerasella Chis